this is quite literally the stupidest, pettiest, load of pedantic drivel directed to killing the fun and happiness of kids enjoying themselves on the internet that i’ve ever read in my life, and it’s particularly egregious because the vast majority of these kids don’t have the experience, background or confidence to recognize and discard this for the trash it is because you’ve dressed it up in fancy words and literary references and reeeal subtly achievement-dropped your advanced degree. i’m sorry to tell you, however, that there are other adults with graduate degrees in this fandom who are more than capable of seeing through your bitter, vindictive, condescending bullshit.

as if it weren’t clear enough on a quick read through of this ludicrous post, we’ve clearly already divined that you are totally filled to the brim with crap based on the fact that you apparently think freedom of speech means everyone on earth is allowed to say and do whatever they want with absolutely no consequences. if you’d like a little education in what it actually means, nearly everyone who studies constitutional law at the graduate level has achieved a comprehensive grasp on the concept in the course of their study. most of us tend to take those tenets for granted.