John walked around the gorilla pit cautiously. The gorillas in this zoo were known to be unpredictable. The biggest gorilla Mutumbo was known for pulling pranks on they zookeepers.
John swept up the gorilla dung as quietly as he could as not to awaken the gorillas. Images of Harambe tossing that kid in the air like a god damn rag doll flashed in John’s mind for some reason and he shuddered at the thought of that happening to him.
After John was finished cleaning the gorilla pit he and was about to go home, he discovered that the door was locked. “What the hell” John said out loud, it was then that Mutumbo grabbed John and screamed in his ear, giving John quite the jump-scare. “Ahh! Mutumbo …. Wwwhat is wrong ssssir” John shuddered. Did he just call a gorilla sir? So much for John asserting his dominance.
John looked down in abject horror to see that Mutumbo’s gigantic black fuzzy gorilla cock was fully erect and was getting closer and closer to his face. John suddenly remembered this nature documentary he saw where the announcer specifically said that gorillas were the only animal that could give a human aids. Mutumbo pressed his giant pair of monkey testicles against Johns tightly shut mouth and nose. This was one smart gorilla for he knew John would need to breath eventually . in a few moments John opened his mouth to breath and when he did Mutumbo forced his enormous balls in John’s mouth . his balls where smelly and hairy john thought he was going to choke to death, but perhaps unconsciously John was licking and sucking on those gorilla balls like there was no tomarow. When Mutumbo pulled his balls from John’s mouth he, in a dream like state followed them like he wanted more, if only John knew how much more he was going to get.
Mutumbo unceremoniously shoved the entire length of his giant dick down John’s throat causing his jaw to pop instantly.
John’s head being squeezed by this brute bounced at a blurring speed as he made disgusting slurping sounds with his mouth. After about half an hour of the most hardcore throat fucking John have ever experienced Mutumbo shoved John’s face up to the hilt of his massive gorilla dong filling John’s nose with stinky monkey pubes and pumping three gallons of monkey spunk directly into John’s hungry stomach.
John fell back, and he had about three seconds to have fun sloshing the gorilla cum in his belly around before Mutumbo ran up to him and literally tore his clothes off and pulled his feet behind his head. As this big fucking guerrilla was busy pummeling Johns ass dislocating his legs from his hips, Johns eyes rolled back in his head. His mind entered a dream like state. Licking his lips like a lunatic. Listening to the slapping sounds of those giant black gorilla balls smacking against his back. Johns broken jaw wagged as the ape shook his torso down onto his penis, the fact that john now had broken shoulders, jaw, sphincter and coccyx made him feel quite loose. Mutumbo let out another torrent of monkey spunk, injecting his large, small intestines, and stomach with 4 gallons of gorilla cock snot. John could barely move, he felt like there was more jizz inside him than water, he glanced down at his full and very distended belly audibly sloshing.
Mutumbo smirked over John’s dumb bloated body as the sun began to rise and people started to come into the zoo.
“John what the hell are you doing naked in the gorilla pit? Did you forget to feed mutumbo?” Said Lary, John’s coworker, as a crowd of patrons began to gather around the enclosure. John in a dream like state could only blow cum bubbles in Larry’s direction as the attendees pointed and laughed at John
“what a creep!” Lary left John naked in the pit out of frustration.
Mutumbo’s big fuzzy belly growled out of hunger.