I played this game for a total of 27 minutes and came to the realisation that it is worse than the original in all ways, including:

– Your character is a black woman.
Now I know this sounds bad, there’s nothing wrong with that as it is, but when you consider their player base it will be hard for most players to put themselves in her shoes.

– The PDA voice is an Indian woman. Did we really need to have the “person” (AI) that speaks the most to be someone speaking broken English? A crisp, clear voice, regardiess of gender, would be the best choice.

– The main story is about you, the formerly mentioned black woman, searching for her sister. The entire premise for the game screams “girl power” to me, and that is something we sorely do not need more of. game feels took the backseat. I cannot, and will not, support a game that is giving itself over to this new ideology. A game should be a The very heavily influenced by woke culture and SJWS (Social Justice Warriors), and overall vision and story telling game, not a political outlet.