Imagine you have a tomboy childhood friend who plays sports and video games with you. She’s more likely to punch you in the gut than slap you on the face when you tease her. She screams like a gorilla and even much louder than you do when your favorite team’s winning whenever you watch the game with her. You’ve never really thought of her much before as a girl; she was always “one of the boys”.
She used to wear her hair short but recently she’s been growing her hair longer, long enough to be tied into a ponytail. You’re curious as to why and you always ask her, but she never answers. She dodges the question, in fact.
You’re sitting waiting for class to start, one day, when you find yourself looking to her direction. You were supposed to prank her and flick a paper ball at her, but instead you find yourself staring at her.

She’s untying her ponytail. As her hairtie is released, you see her hair flow from her hand down to her back. She gently shakes her head to shift her waist-long hair in place in the most graceful manner; it’s like you’re watching the smooth and fluid flow of a calm river.
You are utterly mesmerized. Up to this point you’ve never really thought of her much, but now you realize that she’s actually really beautiful.

Was she always this beautiful? Was it the hair? But she’s one one of the boys! How could one of my friends be this pretty? Could it be that my friend is now actually a lady?

You think all of these new thoughts about your friend when you feel a paper ball hit you straight in the middle of your forehead.
“Oi, what are you staring at, idiot?”