A1706/A1708 TConn Backlight Pinout (FlexGate)

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Flexgate on a MacBook Pro 2016
Flexgate on backlight side

A1706-1708 Backlight Pinout.jpg

A1706 A1708 Backlight Flex Pinout.jpg

Internals of the Camera flex

- Here is a very useful video by Phuket My Mac (Julien) on this FlexGate repair https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLrKuK7IK3I 
  • - This type of repair might be used as a temporary solution or as a cheap alternative to display replacement with restricted warranty. If done unproperly it might cause short circuit on the backlight line which will damage the logicboard. For obvious reasons we as repair community recommend to educate customer about replacement program and to help them with free-of-charge replacement. It is known that many devices which are not listed in Apple Replacement Programm are still being serviced which clearly proves that highly likely there is "under the table" replacement programm for all flexgate-affected devices and each particular case is regulated by Apple Genius/his manager. Reliabilty of any sort of flexgate repair is higly questionable for two reasons: 1. even if done properly, soldered cable will be moved every day and it will break eventually, or insulation will be worn off and backlight power might be shorted to ground or to feedback lines causing more damage than just displa replacement. No repair store can really perform 1000-2000 automated bends to check if this method lasts long enough, reliable and safe to perform. 2. There are 4 cables between LCD assembly and T-Con. All of them are prone to fail. You cant repair every single one of them. If backlight fails - Camera cable is next one to fail. You fix the camera cable and the next candidate is data cable, both of them, in random manner (see 2018-2019 macbook flexgate "pink lines" issue)