Zerotwo can go to hell for all I care. I fucking hate Zerotwo. The fact that you even just mentioned that character makes me sick in the head. Sure, I am lonely, but I would never stoop to depths that low in order to even have the audacity to think that that virtual character could ever want you to have a crush on them, let alone you even thinking about having romantic feelings for that character. I fucking hate Zerotwo with a passion larger than the sun and more of a hatred than Hitler hated Jews. I wish I could get rid of every living piece of trash on this earth that even remotely thinks that this fictional character of trash is good in any way. I hate her so much. If I could, I would throw the creator of that character into the sand and make sure they would never be seen again. I would enjoy having the fact that knowing this character would never be seen again on this pitiful land we call Earth.