consent is a legal concept, and that’s why it’s a favorite of people like you. Because no matter what evidence is given to you, you can always move the goal post, It starts like this: animals can’t communicate with humans. So then we provide evidence that yes, they can. So then the goal post moves: well, they can’t speak. But then we show how that’s not a necessary requirement for human sexual interaction, either. So the goal post moves again: Well, they have to have INFORMED consent. demonstrate how informed consent isn’t relevant to animal-human interactions. So then the goal post moves again: but they have the mind of a two year old, which means it’s like pedophilia. So then we demonstrate that animal intelligence isn’t analogous to human intelligence, and to compare a dog’s intelligence to a two year olds only serves to deny the fact that they are very capable of significantly more demonstrable intelligence than they’re given credit for. And this is all setting aside how these standards aren’t applied in any other form of animal-human interaction, and that the same actions you find reprehensible and criminalize due to concerns about consent are in fact completely legal and OK if they’re done in the pursuit of profit; in other words, if I jerk off a horse to drink it’s cum, you think it’s a violation of consent, but if jerk off a horse to put its cum in a canister and sell it to the highest bidder, then it’s just a fact of farm life and totally permissible. ALL OF WHICH boils down to the reality that your concern is not about animal welfare, but about disgust. It’s gross to drink horse cum, but it’s American to sell horse cum for a profit.

All your shit is full of holes and hypocrisy, because what you say and what you mean aren’t the same thing. You SAY it’s gross because animals can’t consent. You MEAN it’s gross because it causes you discomfort to have to think about, and that consent is a convenient excuse to exercise your bigotry. You might as well not even reply, because I already hear 200 different excuses from antis throughout the years, and it all just ends up betraying that you DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANIMALS unless you’re grossed out. Antis tell me that all’s fair in the meat market, they’re dumb animals, and maybe you should enjoy a bacon cheeseburger. It’l be good for you. Antis tell me that jerking off a horse for fun is somehow different from jerking off a horse for profit, somehow oblivious to the same violations they pipe up about still being present. Antis tell me that it’s a power imbalance, but they somehow are OK with lighting cow’s tits on fire, drilling their heads full of holes, and shoving them into dark, shit-filled cages for their entire lives so they can have a nice juicy steak. You’re all full of shit, and you fucking know it. And if you don’t know it, then maybe you should take a good, hard look at yourselves. I have. I know where I stand and what i believe in, and I know there’s nothing hypocritical about my stances and positions. And then you have the GALL to come onto this comments section, of a video you have NO intention of watching, with problem intention learning about us, to teil US we have a problem? Look in the mirror.