Apple Manufacturing Plant Codes

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This is a broad overview i was able to collect of the plant codes and corresponding locations/factories Apple uses.
If you are able to find out more information about a specific code or have completely new ones feel free to commit a change to this list

Code Factory
E Singapore
F Fremont, California, USA/Fountain, Colorado,USA (varying sources)
FC Fountain, Colorado, USA
XA Elk Grove/Sacramento, California, USA
RN Mexico
CK Cork, Ireland
VM Foxconn - Pardubice, Czech Republic
SG Singapore
MB Malaysia
PT Korea
CY Korea
EE Taiwan
QT Taiwan
UV Taiwan
FK Foxconn – Zhengzhou, China
F1 Foxconn – Zhengzhou, China
F2 Foxconn – Zhengzhou, China
W8 Shanghai, China
DL Foxconn - China
DM Foxconn - China
DN Foxconn - Chengdu, China
YM Hon Hai/Foxconn - China
7J Hon Hai/Foxconn - China
1C China
4H China
WQ China
WQ China
F7 China
C0 Tech Com, Quanta Computer Subsidiary - China
C3 Foxconn - Shenzhen, China
C7 Pegatron - Shanghai, China/Foxconn, Changhai, China (varying sources)
RM Refurbished/remanufactured
F5K Flextronics - USA
CK2 Cork, Ireland
C02 Tech Com, Quanta Computer Subsidiary - China
C07 Tech Com, Quanta Computer Subsidiary - China
YM0 Hon Hai/Foxconn - China
C17 China
C1M China
C2V China
C2Q China