Apple SSD connectors and adapters list

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Replacable SSDs

Gen.1 6I12 Pins Gen.2 7I17 Pins Gen.3&4 12I16 Pins Gen.5 22|34 Pins
Macbook SSD Gen1.png Macbook SSD Gen2.png Macbook SSD Gen3 4.png macssdgen5.png
SATA III 6 Gb/s SATA III 6 Gb/s AHCI, PCI x2&x4 PCIe x4
MacBook Air 2010L/2011M 11"&13" (A1369,A1370)
MacBook Air 2012 11" & 13" (A1465, A1466)

MacBook Pro 2012L 13" & 15" (A1425, A1398)

iMac 2012L 2013E 21" & 27" (A1418, A1419)

MacBook Air 2013-2017 11", 13"(A1465, A1466)

MacBook Pro 2013L-2015E 13", 15"(A1502, A1398)

iMac 21" & 27" 2014-2017(A1418, A1419) (Fusion)

Please note: no connector on HDD version of iMac

MacBook Pro 2016-2017 2TBT
Data Recovery kit (SATA/USB Adapter)

M.2 NGFF Adapter

Data Recovery kit (SATA/USB Adapter)

M.2 NGFF Adapter iMac & Macbook Pro

mSATA Adapter A1425-Only

M.2 NGFF Adapter Air-Only!

Data Recovery kit (USB Adapter)

Cheaper Desktop PCIE Card

M.2 NVME Adapter


for iMac please put capton tape on back side of m.2 connector

Known working adapter: NFHK
Any brand M.2 SATA 2232..2280 SSD B-Key A1425 fits only m.2 2260 SSD or mSATA m.2 NVME 2280

2013/2014 devices need Bios update for nvme support

(simply install High Sierra on original drive) once.

Samsung Firmware update might be necessary

Fix kernel panic on wake issue:

sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0 standby 0 autopoweroff 0

Kernel panic on wake should be fixed with the firmware update of

Big Sur

Known working SSD: Sabrent Rocket 2240

Gen.5 OEM Compatibility:

Macbook Pro 2016 (820-00875):

656-0041, 656-0041A, 656-0042, 656-0042A, 656-0043, 656-0043A, 656-0044, 656-0044A,656-0045, 656-0045A, 656-0046A, 656-0046B, 656-0066A, 656-0069A, 656-0070A

All drives from 2016 model are compatible with 2017 model.

Macbook Pro 2017-Only (820-00840):

656-0067A, 656-0074A, 656-0074B, 656-0074C, 656-0074D, 656-0074E

Piernov: Note that the SSD_BOOT_L/SSD_PWR_EN_L circuit is different between 820-00875 (2016) and 820-00840 (2017). Only the schematics for 820-00875 is available, in this one U8640/R8645 are populated while R8641/R8642 are not. On the 820-00840 it's the opposite.

to make 2017 SSD work on 2016 board, simply remove stuffed components and add NOSTUFF + R8620

Mainboard Mod (Instagram)

long article with more detailed information

Soldered in SSDs

T2 Macs

T2 use Monolith SSD chips, combined into sort of RAID volume. Known method of replacement - use same board as a donor and keep IC position on board or preprogram NAND with JC P13 toolkit.