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Tools Needed:

  1. Windows computer with internet access & a USB Port
  2. original or mfi lightning cable for best results
  3. JC BBOX C3
  4. JC Repair Operation Platform
  5. 3utools


  1. Download & run the JC Repair Operations Platform software from
  2. To open the software register for an account & login
  3. skip the software update by clicking "next time"
  4. For best speed results, change the server to the best zone for your location.
    5. Under install driver install CH341 driver (V1/B1/V1S/BBOX/Chip Module)

6. Go to the "nand repair" page by clicking the "nand repair" button in the top right

7. Connect the device & click the connect key until the BBOX shows "B-BOX: ONLINE"

please note, if you have many USB devices connected, you may have multiple "COMS" available. Your software may not recognize the BBOX if you have the wrong COM selected.

BBOX online & device booted to home screen. you should be here before moving onto "Getting Into Purple ode"

Getting Into Purple Mode:

1. Get your BBOX into "online mode"

To get your BBOX into online mode you must

  1. 2. While being plugged into your BBOX put the phone into DFU mode.
    BBOX online & device booted to DFU. you should be here after completing step 2