2:03, that guy is definitely a simp dude. If that were me, I would’ve started aggressive sucking on those small round toes, making sure to tongue in between her toes a bit. She wouldn’t be able to stop me. No one would be able to stop me. Her feet are so beautiful. If she would let me I was worship her feet. I would let her step on me, if I could just get a little sniff or taste of those delicious looking toes. I would die a happy man if I just got a little taste of Poki’s precious feet. Heaven for me would just be me and Pokimane, alone, and she doesn’t have anything to cover up her feet from me. Her feet probably taste like strawberries, or so I would hope. Even if it tastes bad, I honestly don’t care. Her feet are just too cute to stand idly by and do absolutely nothing about it, though I doubt they would taste bad as she does use lotion. Her feet are probably really soft as well if she does use lotion. Dude just thinking about her feet is already starting to make my mouth salivate and something in my pants to rise.

TL;DR: Guy is simp because he doesn’t worship Pokimane’s gorgeous and angelic feet