There I was at the water park, my trousers and no shirt

Then suddenly shuntaro furukawa, ceo of Nintendo, lured me into the locker room with promise of a neat Zelda game.

Admittedly I was enticed at first.

Then he suddenly ripped my navy blue swim trunks down and forcefully shove a Nintendo switch with red and blue joy-cons into my asshole no lube. As I screamed he continued to shove a docking station and 3 shitty Pokemon games up there too.

I started bleeding, begging Nintendo CEO to stop raping me. But that’s when the worst of it happened. Shuntaro shoved his 3 inch throbbing cock in my asshole.

After he came inside me he threw a towel at me and told me he would be back again if I didn’t give him 400$ cash.