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Below is a list and information on common issues with certain Mac models.  This list is strictly a guideline and all diagnostics should be completed before confirming any issue.  Do NOT assume every Mac in a certain model has the "common" issue without first confirming!

Additional Apple Quality Repair Programs are available for newer model Macs with known issues which can be found here.

2011 - 27" iMac A1312 / 2011 MacBook Pro 15" A1286 & 17" A1297

Many of these Macs experience GPU failure which present the following symptoms:

  • Display shows discoloration or vertical lines throughout.
  • Freezing during loading
  • Rebooting during loading
  • White/Gray screen

(These are typical symptoms and not all inclusive.  Run GPU/VST test in order to confirm.)

A1286/A1297 Common Issues

2012 MacBook Pro 13" A1278 (non-retina, with optical drive)

  • Hard drive cable failure - You may see a very slow, yet healthy drive, CRC errors, failure to complete updates, prohibitory symbol upon start up (circle with slash), or folder with question mark.  You may need to reinstall the OS after replacing cable.
  • LCD flickering/system freezing - This is due to defective RAM slot.  Running off of one RAM stick in the good slot or replacing logic board resolves issue.

A1286/A1297 Common Issues

Mid 2012 - Early 2013 MacBook Pro retina 15" A1398

  • Start up issue where fans spin, but display remains black and does not fully boot - This is caused by a power issue with GPU.  Repairing the logic board resolves the issue.  (Note:  This is not the ONLY cause for this symptom, just common.  Please rule out other issues in order to confirm.)

A1398 Common issues

Late 2013-2015 MacBook Pro retina 15" A1398

  • Random shutdowns - This is caused by low voltage in one of the cores of the CPU if that core is unstable.    This requires logic board replacement or possible repair if approved.  You must rule out liquid/bad RAM/software issues/battery, etc.

A1398 Common issues

2010 MacBook Pro 15" A1286

  • Random shut downs - After ruling out obvious issues (liquid/RAM/battery), repairing the logic board resolves the issue.  

A1286/A1297 Common Issues

2015 MacBook Pro retina 13" A1502

  • Trackpad/keyboard not working - Replacing the trackpad cable may resolve this issue.  

A1502 Common Issues