so I usually eat Mars bars and KitKats and I don’t like nuts, so I’ll be giving an honest review of Snicker’s.
first the packaging. it’s disgusting and unimaginative, I hate it, it’s just Snicker’s in big words. opening it was difficult, the top packaging refused to open like the chip bag movement, and it pissed me off so bad.
all in all packaging sucks dick, 2/10.
I managed to open it, and the bar itself looks neat. looks appetizing but smells like dark cherry chocolate ish? not my cup of tea but it’s not bad, not a turn off.
taste wise was interesting. it was like a mars bar texture on the outside with caramel, and peanut butter and nuts on the inside. the nuts were disgusting don’t get me wrong! but it wasn’t too bad. the peanut butter wasn’t bad honestly, it’s quite nice.
taste wise, 8/10
now I have an issue, it tastes similar to Mars bar. I am an avid Mars bar Stan and this bothers me. I don’t care which came first, Mars bar was and has always been the best. -100 for unoriginal taste and packing, this is ridiculous.
all in all, it wasn’t too bad, I didn’t vomit immediately. it gave me some insight on life. if you don’t try it you’ll never know, even if it turns out different from what you love, or what you’re used to. and I think that can be applicable to academics and daily life. take the other route home. talk to that girl in class. go out and watch the sunset. eat something new. download a new app. try a new workout routine.
life is beautiful because you can make small decisions that bring you wholeness and joy. never forget that.
in a way, the nuts in Snicker’s show that you can bear something you hate to ultimately taste something you love. and that’s a great attitude. let’s say you have a group project with people you don’t like, but if you’re able to look past that, you’ll reach your end goal perfectly.
and although the Mars bar seemed like it had massive influence on the Snicker’s bar, it does serve as an anecdote to show that inspiration, which may seem unoriginal and like plagiarism, can give birth to something brand new, something other people may love. so go invent that item, go create that shirt, go paint that art. even with inspiration, as long as you try to contribute something, it is yours. it is something new, something beautiful. and if you’re able to acknowledge that, you can find peace in your own creation. inspiration is everywhere and it affects us daily, it doesn’t matter how much of one there is.
with that, I conclude my sinckers review. thank you.