I was simply trying to be a nice person and give you a decent compliment, and yeah, I’m awkward at explaining shit and stretch things out to a novel but it happens when you’ve had a major brain injury. Most like me would shut off from the world because of basic people like yourselves, but I’ve learnt that there are a good few out there that are intelligent enough to work out who is who and have patience. I had reservations about posting the above, but because you come across as an attention feind that needs people to keep her ego strong like it holds you up. I like to give the benefit of the doubt and it often pays off, so here’s just one of very few where I was wrong, but on the positive you’ve shown me who you really are and although basics are a bit of a disappointment, I also keep a bit of hope and faith somewhere that some of you will get a little wiser.
And of course we haven’t met lass, otherwise I would have known who you are inside, and that puts more than just a blemish on my view of beauty, so I wouldn’t have posted the above at least.
Just know not all of us are thirsty ordinary men.
All the best.