there was this girl in our class that absolutely everyone hated except for her 2 friends, one day she came up to a guy, carl who was very nice to everyone, so everyone liked him. and asked him to touch her feet, she didn’t even ask she demanded it in such a condescending way. (in India touching someone’s feet is a way of letting the person know that they’re respected by and superior to the person who is touching their feet), so when he asked her why she replied “because I’m a girl! and u should respect girls!” when he declined and got up she pushed him. just then the (woman)teacher came into the room and saw Karen(annoying girl) push carl, so Karen immediately screeched “carl pushed me!”. to which the teacher replied “carl I didn’t expect this from you, go to the floor manager’s office” to which carl was absolutely distraught. but then when the floor manager was making her rounds, she saw all the commotion and asked what was going on, the kids started to explain but there were too many at once, so the teacher silenced everyone and told the floor manager “carl hit Karen” to which the floor manager replied, “carl I really thought you were better than this” and sent him to the principal’s office. to which Karen flashed carl THE MOST irritating smile. because everyone liked carl and hated Karen, everyone started shouting that carl didn’t, push her, Karen pushed carl. the teacher couldn’t understand, so she told a couple of students to explain. the teacher obviously didn’t believe it so she threatened to send them to the principal’s office, because they were his friends and were defending him… then the entire class said that Karen did it along with one of her close friends. so the teacher would’ve been an idiot not to believe it now. so she sent Karen’s friend and a couple of other students to the principal’s office to explain what had happened. but she STILL didn’t send Karen there. the principal was luckily hadn’t lowered herself to such standards, called for Karen, Karen started bawling and sobbing on the spot apologizing and crying. when she sent someone else to the principal’s office she was so exhilarated but now when she had to go she was terrified because the (woman) principal was famous for beating children up with a walking cane(legal in India) regardless of gender. so she was sent to the office and suspended for taking advantage of her rights and gender. if the roles were reversed I’m sure Carl would still have been expelled.**Weniger anzeigen**