sup bitches im wary and im the queen mothafuckin’ bee 😎im a 15 year old demiboy i dont rll have hobbies one of my only ones is making crappy edits of characters i like and i also play the piano (i fucking hate it ngl 🥱) i say “XD” “E” and “REEEEEE” too much and also say “🥱” every few sentences english aint my native language but biatchhhh my english is better than my native language so no worries 🥱oh yea im also gay so yea i have my own shitty oc and an insane amount of shit written for her and my 3 other ocs XDDD my favorite song at the moment is “literal legend” my pronouns are he/they cuz im a demiboy (aka he/they retard) oh yea my favorite color is dark red im a hardcore hermitcraft shipper (my favorite hermit ship is bdoc btw) i used to be an asshole but i changed after my original account (WaryRGMCA) got disabled 🥱fuck you discord oh yea and i actually dont rll care abt the backrooms much i just think theyre cool 🥱im a certified shitposter and meme lover my computer is shit but that wont stop my ass i dont have a nickname but the closest thing would be “RGMCA” now the genre of music i like is pop rap electronic and more prolly cuz i have a terrible memory 🥱i have lots of haters and ive basically heard every insult 100 times over so ur gonna need to get creative if ya want to insult my ass sweetie ;)) k thats it fun fact: i fucking hate you (im joking XDDD)