Fellow gamers,
Today, I installed a new game, no need to state the name of the game, it is not relevant.

And as most games, it created a savegame system/file system somewhere in my computer. And I can’t find it. It is hidden somewhere someplace in my drive, in Appdata, user whatever…

While there is a perfectly good location in my computer, my documents, my games and already many games using that location.

Why are game developers such disrespectful fools? How dare they? Aren’t we their paying customers?

They don’t even ask us, they just go someplace and save our savegames there. No questions asked, they are at home in our computers.


And these savegame locations change following your OS. Even when you are submissive gimp of a player to go to your web browser to look for your the specific savegame location for your game… You have to specify your operating system to find the right one.

Well, guess what? No dice with me.

My project is broader than that in fact. I have plenty of bones to pick with game developers. To protect the interests of the gamers and to make the industry standards rise up. No concessions, no damns given.

A real dictatorship of gamers. We are the ones paying for the products, the power should be ours.
So if you agree with me somewhere in all of this, join my group. Gamers for pure games.

And we will bring the fight to these game developers with no discipline, no respect, no vision, no shame, no pride, no honor, no valor, no values… We will teach them to fear us.

We can all be living like kings if we learn to behave like ones. And the good game developers who listen to us when we make sound arguments will flourish as their games are drowning in a sea of awful games.

Stop thinking and join the movement.