Face ID Precautions

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When repairing a device with face ID (iPhone XR, iPhone X, and up) there are a couple of ways face ID can go bad or be damaged.

  • When taking the LCD/OLED display off the the phone you're working on be very cautious to not tear/bend the cable toward the top half of the device, there will be a bend at the mid point of the cable already allowing room for seating the display again once repair is completed.
  • When testing a repair on one of these devices DO NOT turn the device on until the display is fully seated on the frame. Not doing this runs the risk of damaging the face ID module due to the triggering of a fail-safe put in place to protect the user.
  • When working with a new display there will be a gold foil over the face ID module, ensure that the gold foil is not damaged or off-center from the circle it's supposed to be seated on. Correct orientation shown to the right.