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JC Have Created a new face ID Repair programer, this is specifically for dot projector repair. JC kindly sent one out to me as I beta test products for them. You can find me Swedish Chef aka. Luke Hopkin over on my instagram https://www.instagram.com/swedish_repairs/

There can be many reasons the Face ID will not work on an iPhone; it can be caused by Infrared camera, Flood emitter, a Camera short or the dot projector.

The Dot projector repair and specifically the JC face ID programer is what this page will look at.

Dot projectors can have a few different faults:

1) “Working Normally” this means the dot projector is working and your issue is not related to dot projector this could be infrared camera fault, flood emitter fault or dot projector misalignment.

2) “Anode Disconnect” this likely means the prysm itself is damaged or that the flex is not correctly soldered to the dot projector

3) “NTC / I2C Disconnect” Likely the flex or connector is damaged

4) “Short” there is a short it should be hot maybe the large ic (I have not had this issue before)

5) “FUSING” Fusing is the most common issue and this is what the jc programmer repairs.

I currently do not have any photos or videos to share of this other than what I have posted on instagram but I will update this in the near future. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFoiLYYDSx2/

The process:

Take the original dot projector test and it should say "fusing" on the programmer. This indicates that you have an issue with the “fuse” eprom.

Once you have confirmed you have an issue with the dot projector eprom you can read the data from it and save the data.

Write that to the empty JC flex provided with the programer.

You can then test the flex in place of the dot projector with all other face id components plugged in there should not be a “unable to activate face id message now”

After that split the original dot projector between the glass and the dot projector.

Remove the eprom and short the 2 largest pads together.

Desolder the dot projector from the original flex tin the new JC flex and solder the dot projector to the new flex.

Test the flex on the programer again and it should say “Normal” any other errors please refer to the above list of errors

Then the HARD PART! You need to glue the dot projector flex to the glass with UV glue. This may take a very long time as it must have PERFECT alignment otherwise you will have issues with it.

Once done, put it into the phone and test it to make take some alignment to get it working perfectly.

A Small Disclaimer: I would not say I have had 100% success rate but this is down to how difficult it is to align the dotprojector to the glass and sometimes it's not always the dotprojector at fault it can also be infrared camera, flood emitter ect. But I can confirm this is a working tool and the programmer is not expensive, however you do need to keep buying flexs from them.