Did you call me sir? – Yes
Yes, because I want to know what the shit is this, Ivan?

What the fuck is this? Do You want to fuck with my company?
Huh, fuck? Huh?
You want to get bust this shit? You want to play like Eike Batista in this shit? How’s that?
Sir, I had no intention to cause any problem to the company
Hey, Ivan! To work here you have to kill a lion a day, fuck.
You need to have the tooth sharp as knife. Blood in the eye, to kill or to be killed here, damn it!
Here is you to fill the bush bucket. That is what is the deal.
to fill what?
You have to spend the day here giving punch in monkey of drawer, damn it!
And put ground in the tick’s mouth. This is the shit!

than you come, hobbling from side to side, dancing samba over the open dead face, what shell i do?
I look at you and I say: it is like a post on the needle, damn it!
Mr. Paulo! I do not –
There’re struggling!
You are not nibbling Paraguaçu!
You do not take the train going in the sty!
And stay biting fop …
In pampulha!
Hey, Ivan! I will not be here arguing with you.
The makerting Ricardo came to here to me that you saw passing the wand upwards of cattle.
Hey, Ivan!
– Ricardo, he spake unto – Hey, Ivan! Ivan! For God’s sake, man! Stop!
comes not try now rehashing me Tambourine pot, fuck!
Sir Paul, is because I really don’t understand …
… Exactly what you’re wanting to speak-

Ah! Do not you understand? I’ll explain to you!
This here, my friend, it’s business! Not windshield bounces back, no, darling.
Why do not you take me four guy who already understand the balaio the gaucho? But not! Look …
Actually I’m not health or age to stay buzzard watching licking stick with open arms.

Damn, Ivan!
It buzzard …
Buzzard in what sense?
Pay attention! Watching, fuck!
The deal here is you get. It takes two guys who already so used to comb flag, all right?
You will give a computer to each and let him get the panda up on the competition.
I will not be dragging lamp on top of cement.
I’m not going! Because, if not, then there is the staple spinning is not mine.

Are you understanding?
I get to face and handle personal playing tuft on the back of molecada.
You are quite right!
Mr. Paulo!
And I wonder what else you suggest me?
You will do the following:
You will bring the gang to close …
… And let the matame.
Leave the bowl roll loose …
And just begun, O! Meat left here pros side, O!
Then you have a meat here to the side! But to bring together the mouse.
And let the bowl spin day and night, day and night. Then when turning, you- you loose in the press.
Will hold the press. Because here, this is not pillowcase, no, my friend!
On here? This is no bouquet of 1927, no, my friend.
Here is irony juice, damn it!
But loose in the press, and O, cool game. lightweight game.
Because the time you hold the press, which will have to khalifa gnawing balance of sugar brook manguá in the press, oh ….

Then fuck, right?
Acai …

Zum Beetle? Magnet!

Holy shit! But that’s what I’m talking about from the start, Ivan!