I know this already looks bad but hear me out.

I’m the immortal creator of the universe. Before all this drama started, I mostly hung out with these angels I created but I got bored of them and how they constantly worshipped me. Also they looked nothing like me, so I created this new beings in my image and I named him A. I really cared for A, I even threw out this other angel, L, who was disrespecting him.

When A told me he was feeling lonely, I created a wife for him. Let’s call her E. I let them live in my garden without paying rent. I told them specifically that they can eat all the garden fruit they wanted except this one apple.

So anyways, one day they did eat the apple. It was my apple, I had told them not to! So I threw them out on their naked asses. AITA?

Edit: removed any identifying info

Edit 2: Some people have dug up ancient history about the time I told this guy to sacrifice his own son, but they left out how it was just prank bruh. Everyone was fine at the end and we had a laugh Anyways it has nothing to do with this situation.

Edit 3: Yes when I was just a few million years old I had a kid with this virgin. My sons doing ok now, he has a very successful religion running and I’m a proud single father.

Edit 4: E technically was a vegan when living in my place since she only ate fruit. Her boobs are also yuge, that’s how I made them after all.

Edit 5: Whoah whoah whoah. Some of you need to back off the name calling and blasphemy or I’m sending a tornado your way.