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This is a stub article describing some aspects of GPU repair. At first, this is gonna be only my "notes" page but i will try to keep it structured.

Main sources for the reliable GPU information ATM:

Techcemetry (patreon only discord, (YT Channel) - one of the most advanced russian forums with hundreds of cases and pages.

DO NOT search this page for any sort of download links and proprietary NVIDIA/AMD Software. Everything is quite easy to look up in Google.



This software is an advanced factory testing suite. There are different versions, "GOLD" files with different GPU parameters. Most recent and universal version atm is 455.127.

If you look up easymats0005 in Chinese internet, you will find usb stick generator software. For reasons described above, no link will be provided.

./mods gputest.js -oqa -old_gold -test 178 -fan_speed 70 -dramclk_percent 100 -ignore_fatal_errors -run_on_error -matsinfo

command is mostly self-explanatory. If MATS finds no issue with RAM but card works unstable under load, this might be an issue on higher frequency.