It started out as a joke, you know. Just a humorous “traps aren’t gay” and “traps are more straight than woman”. Well about two years later and the only thing that arouses me are feminine men wearing stereotypically feminine clothing. I haven’t been aroused by a breast in so long and seeing them even makes me flaccid now. I was beating my dick to what I thought was a trap a couple days ago, there was another image when I scrolled down and it turns out it was just an athletic woman who had a very slender build. When I saw the lack of a huge throbbing cock, I was almost sick. I jumped over to my hentai folder and went directly to my Traps/Femboy folder (the only one I visit these days) and ejaculated practically instantly. I then cried for 23 minutes while trying to get even a slight chub to a woman but my efforts were futile.

Even now, from seeing the image in this post, I am fully fucking erect again and I know in 2-5 minutes I’ll be coated in my own cum and crying about the fact that women no longer arouse me.