Google Pixel Diode Mode Measurements

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Google Pixel 4

Overall View:

Pixel 4 Overall View Final

Tele Camera:

Pixel 4 Tele Camera Edited'


Pixel 4 Flash Mic Edited

Power and Volume Flex:

Pixel 4 Power Button Volume Edited

Prox Sensor:

Pixel 4 Proximity Sensor Edited

Front Camera:

Pixel 4 Front Camera Edited

Top Speaker and Mic:

Pixel 4 Top SpeakerMic Edited

Face ID Sensor:

Pixel 4 Face ID Edited

Right Squeeze Sensor:

Pixel 4 Right Squeeze Edited

Charging Port:

Pixel 4 Charging Port Edited


Pixel 4 OLED Edited

Left Squeeze:

Pixel 4 Left Squeeze Edited


Pixel 4 Battery Edited

Bottom Mic:

Pixel 4 Bottom MiC Edited

Wide Camera:

Pixel 4 Wide Camera Edited