This is the worst game to have ever been made by somebody. This game is literal potbelly gargantuan trash. This game is more trash then the Great Pacific garbage patch. I felt shaken, afraid, nauseous, horrified, terrified, lightheaded, and sickened after playing this poorly developed, poorly planned, and poorly executed and abysmal game. God is dead. And this game killed him.

This game has many errors, many fallacies, and many poorly thought out mechanics that I thought that my 5 year old cousin came up with. These errors are too many to list, since whoever viewing this list of errors would need a quantum computer since the list of errors contains more errors then there are stars in the universe. And by the time you read through the list of errors, the heat death of the universe would’ve occurred 100 times.

To be respectful and completely honest, I don’t think a rational and logical thought ever came to the developer’s mind while making this waste of bandwidth. I am sure the developer is a really nice person in real life and has lots of friends, but I never want to meet him under any circumstances.

You will hear people say that if the base game is boring, then installing mods will fix it. That isn’t true in the slightest. You can only polish a turd so much.

Don’t buy this game. Don’t buy it on sale. Click the “Ignore” button, and try to erase the traumatic event of seeing this godawful game.