Today, the video game industry is plagued with garbage entertainment titles, such as Super Mario Oddessy and Overwatch. The fact they would develop a title solely around remastering Team Fortress 2, which was an awful game too, is really pitiful. What were the staff at Blizzard Entertainment thinking? Anyways, opinionated and biased mellenials keep stating that this year has been the best for gaming ever. Sad! Only a couple games have been released this year that are close to my standards as a “good” game, one of those being Omega Labyrinth Z, a game that focuses on building the characters and world around you instead of throwing garbage at you and making you feel as though you’ve been swindled over for a “immserive experience”. Yes, I do understand there are people out there that do not, unfortunately, share the same level of brilliance as me, a very humble and sophisticated person. (refer to me as she, the existence of “men” makes me very upset) I do not pity them, however, as my superior intellect denies me any emotional attachment to people below my IQ. (which is none 😂😂) For someone such as myself, an intellectual, a game that provides a unique experience, such as Typing with Mario, lives up to the daily standards for someone like me with an IQ of 170. (which isn’t even that high might I add!) No other game simply doesn’t appeal to someone such as I, with such a high intellect capacity. All other characters and plot-lines are so profoundly mundane and lifeless compared to the subpar talent of Charles Martinet. It is very sad to see that a single, mediocre person can singlehandedly win the entirety of the gaming economy. The homo sapien race was doomed from the start, and I’m appalled that I was chosen to be a part of it. I’m going to my home planet. And no, I’m not taking any of you with me 😂😂😂