I have always believed this is caused by the *anus tricking itself into believing the work is done*, and I have been told this can happen if you can’t relax when you poop (many have this issue in public bathrooms). This has often been the case for me.

I’ve found a very effective way to solve this is to poop a few poops into a small, airtight box and take it with you everywhere in the event you need to use the toilet. If you need to poop, do as much as you can into the toilet, and if you still feel like there’s some up there that you can’t squeeze out, take some of the poop out of the box you brought and *ram it back up your arse* (the reason for taking poop in the box with you is so that you don’t have to reach into the toilet and get your hands wet removing sloppy poops).

This will *simulate your anus’ desire to poop more*, so it will immediately expel the poop you rammed back up there, along with any remnants that are still there.

I have since advised others who have my problem to adopt this technique, and they have had resounding success, and I am considering getting this approved by a medical practitioner in the future if I can get further positive feedback.