I am so fucking terrified after seeing photos on r/morbidreality that I think I might throw up. DO NOT FUCKING HAVE KIDS. NEVER EVER SPREAD THE PAIN SHOWN IN THOSE POSTS TO ANYONE. IF YOU DO SO KNOWINGLY YOU ARE A SADIST.

I normally am pretty chill about stuff and can handle it but today it just struck me for some reason when looking at all this. I knew these things happened but I guess it just soaked in just now. I don’t even want to describe in detail but I was scrolling down the top posts of all time of r/morbidreality because “how bad could it be?” and I regret it. I am like so unsettled now I don’t even know what to do with myself. My stomach hurts. I want to hide away from this world. Nobody deserves to live on a planet where gruesome acts such as those happen. Who the FUCK could POSSIBLY think there is a loving god?? If there is a god he is the worst being to have ever existed for bringing such things to life. I feel scarred and I feel so bad that people I love (or anyone at all) has the possibility of dealing with such tragedy in their lifetime. Leave your potential children safe and unharmed in the void.