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Trusted Retailers

Board Components: (USA) (Canada) (USA) (Canada) (USA) (Canada) (China)

Parts & Complete Logic Boards: (USA) (China) (China) (Canada)



  • General MacBook stencil kit from AliExpress (please notice there are five pieces)
  • Stencil kit for CD3215 and CD3217 from Aliexpress

Parts & Compatibility

GPU/MCP Capacitor:

  • A1286 2009-2010 A1297 2009-2010 2TPE330MADGB <-- This is the exact capacitor, however I recommend the larger Polymer Cap below. I'll leave this up for discussion.
  • Replace with EEF-LX0D331R(These are non-tantalum and have 3 pads instead of 2 so you don't have to scrape into the board)

Backlight drivers:

Backlight Fuses:


Temp monitoring sensor

PP3V3_G3H/PP3V42 Buck Converter:

PP3V3 & 5V Buck Converter

  • U9850 6142E can be replaced with pi3vdp
  • Various models: TPS22924BYZZR
  • Older MacBook Pros: U7200 U7201 TPS51125RGER
  • A1708: TPS51980A (TPS51220 closest Ti public available part data sheet)

Trackad IPD Flex Connector:

  • A1466/A1465 2013-2017: TF13BS-20S-0.4SH Source: US China

V Sync Flex Cable:

Battery ISL:

  • A1706 A1707 A1708: ISL9239 (Custom chip)
  • MBP 2010-2015 MBA 2010-2017 U7000 U7100 ISL6259


USB C Port

ISL95870HRUZ-T U8110/U7710 on 820-01598/A2159 and 820-01987/A2289 for example Mouser Digikey

2011 A1286 A1297 dosdude1 DeMUX Tools:

EMI shielding tape (need to verify which is closest to OEM):

Display connectors:

  • 2012+ 30 pin I-PEX 20525-030E-01S (must contact to order)

Keyboard FPC Cable Connector:

Keyboard Backlight Connector

  • A1502 and a variety of other boards see here Verified on 820-3476 (J4915) MPN - WP7A-S010VA1-R6000 Note this is a 10 position socket.

I/O to Logic Board Connector

820-00840 Q3100 FDPC 4044

Extension cables

WIFI Antenna cable

TouchID/Power button connector (Mesa) (J4900)

Keyboards "known-good parts"

Macbook Pro 2019 16" A2141 - looks 100% original, there is even a tape to secure fpc connector lock. Routing is 100% identical, same markings, manufacture date is laser-engraved.

SPI Tools

T2 SOC ROM Adapter (search for USON8 if sold out) you need tl866 with 1.8v adapter or RT809H to programm this chip (mx25u3235f for example, U4770 on 820-01700).

Mouser / Hirose Connectors (iPhone/JTag-Like)

How to search for connectors by local iphone suppliers or aliexpress, patterns:

  1. Macbook connector placenumber on board.
  2. iphone or ipad + fpc flex connector + pin number
  3. samsung flex connector

Mouser search for other "SlimStack" macbook connectors

A2179 Auidio board tonnector could be found as "44 pin iphone fpc" connector

A2159 MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar Two USB C BN 820-01598

  • Hirose 34 pin connector, both Touch Bar/controller sides could be found as "iPhone X fpc LCD connector" on aliexpress

    touchbarcontrollerboard, prob. LED