<looks at NCR flair

My chest begins to fume I look at your comment once again. I grow a bit weary before suddenly every part of my body jolts in excitements. Blood pumps 2 times faster than before, My legs start to move on their own. They stomp on the ground so fast the wood begins to crack. Every single one of my vocal cords have been perfectly tuned for this moment. I scream not as loud as I can but just so I can be heard: FALLLOUT NEw VEGAS GOOD NEEW GAMES BAD!

Every person in this sub hears my call. Telephanically or whatever thousands of people walk down the street screaming “FALLOUT NEw VEGAS GOOD NEEW GAMES BAD!”

We are an unstoppable forced. The police can’t stop us and neither can the military. We walk into the homes of Bethesda’s fallout lovers before forcing them up against the wall and shooting them and we continue on. We chant on how the legion is such a complex and morrally gray (or let’s face it good) organization as our numbers increase. We all reach good springs once and for all and begin to lick the sacred floors the courier woke up from. We walk the Vegas and begin taking up residence there. Searching among the babies to see who the future mr house will be.

New Vegas is ours for only 1 day (no baby acquired) before the military surrounds us. We try to escape but we can’t. We are massacred by them as the world cheers on. We are forgotten. A black mark in history as people move on through their lives. As we die on the ground like animals. Not me not anybody but YOU AGX-17 mutter with your last breath: ughh fallout new Vegas is the best video game ever and fallout 4 is the devils handiwork. And as such you callapse like the legion you love so much you were slaughtered by men in green suits. You are forgotten about by your family. They think you just ran off into the woods and finnaly end your walk on live.

The pro Vegas anti Beth circlejerk is insufferable