You see Pelly didn’t hate black people that was his other persona. He claimed to have seen God and Jesus. Which can’t make any sense. Pelly also tried to reconcile with the African American voter.

Pelly did nothing wrong. All he want was to make a greater America that would span the whole continent. This would help everyone! Of course he got hate for this.

Pelly really helped out long in the civil war. You see he incorporated many people in the legion as long as they weren’t Catholic. You see, he never wanted to put black people under the indian reservation act. But there wasn’t any room in the cities. So he had no choice.

Another thing people criticize Pelly for, is that he was an anti-Semite which isn’t true. He considered Jews to be whites and recived his funding from them. He also said “ Without the Jew the Negro would own the world” that’s him thanking Jews for keeping balance in America.

Not only that he proposed welfare for all citizens. His National Populsim helped out the. Whole nation, so before you critize him for being a racist think of the other tyrants.

Edit: Sources