Wait so sucking any dick is gross to you? I’m just confused, like I don’t think I’m gay but at the same time thinking about sucking dick is really hot to me, I realized I get off to the dick 99% of the time in porn, I’ve been getting off to big dick pics for a year now. Whenever I watch normal porn I just wish I was the girl, like I don’t want to change my gender but I wish I was fucking/getting fucked by these dudes. Moreover I can’t stop thinking about kissing guys, like when they have really soft red lips all I can think about is what it feels like to kiss them. I don’t think I’m gay though, but it never occurred to me that those types of things might disgust normal people? I just figured it was a fetish type of thing.

This isn’t that bad right? I legitimately just figured that everyone had these thoughts but just liked girls.