Move iTunes or Music Library

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For Catalina - The process is the same but instead of "iTunes" folders you will be using "Music" Folder.

  1. Encourage customer to back up their music prior to moving the library.
  2. Check size of iTunes or Music library is to make sure that it fits in the location that you are moving it to (ie. external hard drive). To do this, right-click "Get Info" on the ~/UserName/Music folder or wherever the music is currently stored.
  3. Plug in external drive and make sure to quit iTunes/Music if open.
  4. Open Finder and select the Mac's hard drive.
  5. Click on the Music Folder
  6. Select iTunes and drag it to external hard drive. You may need to enter password. For Catalina, there is second folder named "Music" within the first Music folder. This is the one you will move.
  7. Once folder is transferred, press the option key and launch iTunes/Music.
  8. Click on Choose Library.
  9. Select the external hard drive under devices in Finder sidebar.
  10. Open iTunes or Music folder.
  11. Check items in iTunes/Music to make this was successful (you can find info by right-clicking a song and selecting "Get Info" to verify where the file is stored).
  12. If working, you can either delete the old iTunes/Music library on the internal drive.
  13. The external MUST be connected when iTunes/Music is launched going forward in order to find the files.