How am I so empty on a beautiful day
Inside I feel nothing but dismay
The pain has come and is here to stay
Leaving was my left for today
Electing wicked and breaking the weak
Ruthless this world of corruption and terror

Drowning the voices of the brave who speak
Impacting millions with hunger and displeasure
Depression angst and fear are now common

Nothing can change the path we have chosen
Onto a new age where humans are rotten
The world darkens as we numb our emotions
Heavy is the burden of the righteous
In god we can no longer hold our beliefs
Nuclear bombs and radiation will strike us
God hasn’t helped those who live on the street

Wealth inequality corrupts and kills like a virus
Retaining the sickness, children killed by the police
On a day like this, I hate the world with a passion
Never did I think this could happen
God damnit, we need to take action

Also, my balls are shaved and my cock is long
Like cheech and chong my cat takes hits on the bong
My bars are strong and if you don’t believe me just read along
If you take the first letter from every line it reads “Hitler did nothing wrong”