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Not sure how to properly refer to a product on a work order? Check here.

Things listed here will be properly capitalized and worded. Any additions are welcome. Just run them by your leader first.

This is not to waste your time or insult your intelligence telling you obvious things like what an iPhone is. This page exists so that we can efficiently communicate in work orders and all be on the same page. Proper capitalization of nomenclature will be taken VERY seriously in work orders or any type of documentation that will be in front of a customer at ANY time.

Link to Apple official trademark names and guidelines on usage.

Operating System & Formatting

macOS - Macintosh Operating System

iOS - iPhone and iPod Touch Operating System, also on older iPad models which do not update to iOS 13.

watchOS - Apple Watch Operating System

iPadOS - iPad Operating System

HFS - Hierarchical File System - Mac OS Extended - drive format up to 10.13 (High Sierra)

APFS - Apple File System - drive format beginning with 10.13 (High Sierra) to present macOS. Read/write support was introduced in Sierra, but Sierra will not boot from an APFS formatted drive. The High Sierra installer converts HFS to APFS with SSDs. The Mojave installer converts all HFS to APFS. If Mojave is cloned to a HFS drive it will boot but not update.




iPad Pro

iPad Air

iPad mini

iPod - Apple Music Player

iPod Touch - Touch screen variant of the iPod

Apple Watch - do NOT use iWatch

Apple TV 4K - Apple streaming device in 4K

Apple TV HD - Apple streaming device

HomePod - Apple's smart speaker


MacBook Pro - Not to be confused with a standard Aluminum MacBook

iMac - Desktop all-in-one Apple machine

iMac Pro - Desktop all-in-one Apple computer, introduced in 2017

Mac mini - Stand alone Apple computer in a small form factor

Mac Pro - Apple aluminum tower. Switched form factor in 2013 to the cylinder.


Magic Keyboard - Wireless, battery operated Bluetooth Apple keyboard

Magic Keyboard 2 - Wireless, rechargeable Bluetooth Apple keyboard - uses lightning to USB cable

Magic Keyboard with Numeric Numberpad - Wireless, rechargeable Bluetooth Apple Keyboard, comes in white or Space Gray - uses lightning to USB cable

Magic Trackpad - Wireless, battery operated Apple Bluetooth track pad

Magic Trackpad 2 - Wireless, rechargeable Bluetooth Apple track pad - uses lightning to USB cable

Magic Mouse - Wireless, battery operated Bluetooth Apple mouse

Magic Mouse 2 - Wireless, rechargeable Bluetooth Apple mouse - uses lightning to USB cable.

Apple Mouse - formerly Apple Mighty Mouse - Wired and wireless options, Apple USB mouse with trackball feature

Lightning to USB cable - Apple USB charging cable using a lightning connector

30-pin to USB cable - Apple USB charging cable used with older iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices

MagSafe charger - Apple's magnetic charger for notebooks, 1st generation used from 2006 - 2012

MagSafe 2 charger - Apple's magnetic charger for notebooks, 2nd generation, introduced in 2012.

AirPods - Wireless bluetooth headphones (come in 1st generation, 2nd generation, and Pro models)

EarPods - Wired headphones

Apple Pencil - 1st and 2nd generations, for use with new model iPads

Smart Keyboard - iPad accessory for iPad Pros and 7th generation iPad

Apple USB SuperDrive - Apple's external USB optical drive

AirPort Extreme - functions as router, network switch, wireless access point

AirPort Time Capsule - AirPort Extreme but includes internal hard drive for Time Machine backups or network attached storage.

AirPort Express - Wi-Fi base station

Common Parts

LCD - Liquid Crystal Display

OLED - Organic light-emitting diode

Top case - varies by model, but typically includes keyboard, trackpad, speakers, microphone and other small parts

Display assembly - notebook display including clamshell, hinges, etc.