Damn. Looks like the turkey wasn’t the only one stuffed this thanksgiving.

You’re so fucking round in that second pic it’s hard to believe you only ate eight pounds of food. Are you sure the scale is right and that’s not twenty pounds?

Goddamn, I love how you’re so fucking bloated you have to lean back in that second pic to even stand. Could you even fit your shirt over that gut in the second pic? Jesus.

Surprised you don’t have stretch marks on those tits, they’re swelling up as fast as that gut. Maybe faster. I think you’re going to to have to stretch your belly out more to make sure it gets fat enough to stay proportional. To do that, you’re going to have to just keep stuffing it bigger and bigger each time, so it can fit more food to convert into actual blubber. I think you’re probably up to that task, though.

Try ten pounds of leftovers, if you’ve got any.