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FlexBV: Paul Daniel's wonderful FlexBV takes board view files and schematics together to make an easy to search tool. You can easily move back and forth between board views and schematics just by right clicking. It also has an amazing parts search, so you can find that missing component on a totally different board. Clicking on nets highlights everything attached, pin 1 shows up red, and it will soon include resistance readings, voltages, and basic instructions. iPhone boards are now supported. Check the links below.

ZXW: is the original reverse engineered board view for iPads and iPhones. Paul's software is rapidly taking over, but this has a few things that are still relevant.

DosDude1's macOS Patcher to run macOS on unsupported hardware. Please note, not all machines supported by this patch will run well, for example the unibody iMacs do not have an integrated GPU and the dedicated is not supported.

DosDude1's DeMux to turn off the 2011 series MacBook Pro dedicated GPU in the video mux firmware.

KVM is a simple VM to run macOS in.

Older AHT downloads

EFI Tools

GUI EFI Tool for removing EFI lock, changing Serial and swapping ME to a known good
Script EFI Tool


Bad Caps iPhone
Bad Caps Laptop
Bad Caps Requests
Sorin's Discord #schematics

resilio link to most of the stuff you'll ever need.

Helpful sites

Known issues with Apples products

MacBook Logic Board Repair Facebook Group

Rossmann's Discord

Honest Geek's site has useful information on EFI repair.

Advanced Reworks Repair Forum Index Useful forum posts about macbook problems and general troubleshooting. (Site down)

A Console repair site that can be helpful.

Micro Soldering - Resource for getting started with your micro soldering journey. Detailed lists of tools and equipment, parts and supply, and a 5-hour online course -- all you need to know to get started.

YouTube Channels

EEVBlog Dave explains electronics engineering in a fun way. He also does cool tear downs and reviews of equipment we need.

Ben Eater builds a full computer on a breadboard. Learn lots about latches, memory, and discrete logic.

Fran's Lab has a different feel than most electronics channels. Learn electronics from a different view.

Piernov What more needs to be said?



Hot Air Stations


Power Supply

Soldering Stations

Microscopes and Microscope Cameras


Ultrasonic Cleaners


Thermal Cameras

Aliexpress. Buy all five stencils.


Support iPad Rehab, Jessa's store and buy from iPad rehab. Her store carries mostly iPhone and iPad components and tools [USA]

DigiKey has general electronics components.

Mouser has general electronics components. [USA/Canada] US based and well worth a look for general electronic components [USA]

Support Rossmann Group's store and buy your MacBook Parts here. [USA]

Mobile Sentrix MacBook & mobile parts, board components, and tools. [USA/Canada]

Injured Gadgets mobile & tablet, board components, and tools [USA]

Crazy Parts mobile & tablet, board components, and tools [Australia/New Zealand]