A hippie guy gets on a bus in Italy. He sits down and the bus moves. At the next stop, a nun gets on the bus, she looks around and sees that there are no empty seats, so she sits next to the hippie. Some time passes, but the hippie finally loses himself and says “let’s be together once.” The nun gets angry, yells “idiot” and slaps hippie in his face and then gets off the bus. During that, the driver is watching all this from his mirror. After some time passes, the driver calls the hippie, and says “you really want to bang that nun?” And the hippie replies “of course, it would be some change.” Then the driver says “then listen, they make a ritual every sunday in the cemetery behind the church” and those two become friends. They get off the bus at the last stop. Then the day becomes sunday, the hippie is in robes with fog around him behind the church, then the nun comes. Hippie says “My child, I am your god and I will fuck you once.” The nun replies, “Oh my god! But I can’t, we are virgins. Can we have it in behind?” Then the hippie says “of course” and they start going down. The nun can’t hold long, as the hippie. The hippie lifts his robe, and says “See? I am that hippie from the bus!” And then the nun lifts her robe, and says “See, I am the bus driver.”