Samsung Diode Mode Measurements

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Galaxy Note 9

Overall View:

Overall View 1 Note 9

Connector 1:

Note 9 FPC 1

Connector 2:

Note 9 FPC 2

Connector 3:

Note 9 FPC 3

Connector 5:

Note 9 FPC 5

Connector 6:

Note 9 FPC 6

Connector 7:

Note 9 FPC 7

Connector 8:

Note 9 FPC 8

Galaxy S9 Plus

Overall View 1:

Overall View 1 Edited

Overall View 2:

S9+Overall View 2 Edited


S9+OLED Edited

Iris Scanner:

S9+Iris Scanner Edited

Front Facing Camera:

S9+Front Facing Camera Edited

Proximity Sensor:

S9+Prox Sensor Edited

Finger Print Scanner:

S9+Finger Print Scanner Edited

Rear Camera:

S9+Rear Camera Edited

Charging Port:

S9+Charging Port Edited

S9+Battery Edited

Samsung S10


Samsung S10 OLED Edited

Charging Port:

Samsung S10 Charging Port Edited


Samsung S10 Battery Edited

Front Camera:

Samsung S10 Front Camera

Headphone Jack:

Samsung S10 Headphone Jack Edited

Left Rear Camera:

Samsung S10 Left Rear Camera Edited

Right Rear Camera:

Samsung S10 Right Rear Camera Edited

Samsung S10e


Samsung S10e OLED Edited

12MP Camera:

Samsung S10e 12mp Camera Edited

16MP Camera:

Samsung S10e 16MP Camera Edited

Front Camera:

Samsung S10e Front Camera

Headphone Jack:

Samsung S10e Headphone Jack Edited

Power Button:

Samsung S10e Power Button Edited

Samsung S10+


Samsung S10+ OLED Edited

Front Camera:

Samsung S10+ Front Camera Edited

Headphone Jack:

Samsung S10+ Headphone Jack Edited

Galaxy Note 10+

Overall View 1:

Note 10+ Overall 1

Overall View 2:

Note 10+ Overall 2

Front Camera:

Galaxy Note 10+ Front Camera

S Pen:

Note 10+ S Pen

Wireless Charger:

Note 10+ Wireless Charger


Note 10+ Battery


Note 10+ OLED

Dock Connector 1:

Galaxy Note 10+ Dock Connector 1

Dock Connector 2:

Galaxy Note 10+ Dock Connector 2


Galaxy Note 10+ Digitizer Connector


Galaxy Note 10+ Button Connector

Rear Camera 1:

Galaxy Note 10+ Rear Camera 1

Rear Camera 2:

Galaxy Note 10+ Rear Camera 2

Rear Camera 3:

Galaxy Note 10+ Rear Camera 3

Samsung S20 Ultra

Overall view:

Samsung S20 Ultra Overall Overview 2:

Overall View Back


Samsung S20 Ultra Battery Edited

Power Button:

Samsung S20 Ultra Power Button


Samsung S20 Ultra Edited OLED

Charging Port 1:

Samsung S20 Ultra Charging Port Edited

Charging Port 2:

Samsung S20 Ultra Charging Port 2 Edited

Front Camera:

Samsung S20 Ultra Front Camera Edited

Rear Camera 1:

Samsung S20 Ultra Rear Camera Edited

Rear Camera 2:

Samsung S20 Ultra Rear Camera 2 Edited

Rear Camera 3:

Samsung S20 Ultra Rear Camera 3 Edited

Rear Camera 4:

Samsung S20 Ultra Rear Camera 4 Edited

Wireless Charging:

Samsung S20 Ultra Wireless Edited

Side Sensor:

Samsung S20 Ultra Side Sensor Edited

Sensor 2:

Smasung S20 Ultra Sensor Edited