Of course fedora-tipping redditors can’t grasp multi-layered ironic satire when they see it. I just watched it and I was literally in shock by how one thing can be so kíno. It wasn’t meant to be a comedy; it wasn’t meant to be a kids movie. It was supposed to be watched as an allegory for the modern world’s blind acceptance of anything that’s presented as being cool just for its own sake. The very act of watching the movie was it telling you “See? You like to use emojis everyday and so does everyone around you so you have to watch this because you’re part of the grotesque machine that is modern pop culture”. The screen was laughing at me and I enjoyed every moment of it. Of course Reddictor McAtheists won’t ever understand that, their small “le epic upboat XD” brains could never allow them to pull their heads out of their asses and really appreciate the art that is Le Filmé Emojie. Fuck reddit, man. The movie was great

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