It was the end of the school year, I just arrived home from my last day of school. I throw my backpack onto the floor and bolt up into my room. I throw myself into my bed and stare up into my Shrek poster. I was hyped for the upcoming Shrek 5. “Shrek is love” I said, “Shrek is life.”

An entire summer passes by with no news of the upcoming movie. And the bad news spills. Headlines all over the world “BREAKING NEWS: SHREK 5 HAS NO PLANNED RELEASE DATE” mass paranoia broke out. I can’t trust anyone but Shrek himself. This leads us to late 2020, current day.

I was causally taking a stroll, and I made the mistake of checking my phone. “BREAKING NEWS: SHREK 5 IS CANCELLED” I could barley hold myself together. I collapsed onto my knees and screamed of sheer terror. It was too late, the city glowed a dim orange with fire as riots broke out. The police used tear gas to no avail. The protesters became zombies, consuming anything and everything Shrek. Having nothing to loose, the superpowers clashed. In came the military and atom bombs. Nothing was left standing.

The aliens swooped in to see only rubble of a once mighty civilization… that fell… in the absence… of a green ogre.