I am a real god damn political scientist and sociologist and I am not sure if there will be an election. And if there is an election and either of the current candidates win, neither will have legitimacy. We’re establishing a riot culture right now and people are seeing that violence works and destroying shit works and fighting the cops works. The government gave us decades of rhetoric about peaceful protest and then they mouthed their meaningless words and people would come out in droves and feel like they accomplished something and nothing happened. Or they understood that nothing would happen, but came out anyway to try and radicalize people by making connections or they came out to throw bottles at cops.

Trump and Biden only give a shit about old people and there is a violent youth culture that is rapidly hardening right now. Unless they are brought into the fold and represented, and I mean actually represented, not this bullshit representation from the top I hear you shit that you get from both parties, and that’s if they even pretend, then you can kiss the existing government goodbye. Like we all worry about RBG kicking the bucket and what that means and hand wringing. Nah dude, people don’t like a law? They get out and they fuck shit up. No cutesy pussy hats anymore. That was for peaceful times when 25% of the American population wasn’t at risk of going homeless and starving. People waited for help and government told the devil to take the hindmost. And the hindmost said fuck that. They’re out there and they make themselves heard and they throw back any law they don’t like because laws are agreements and people are no longer agreeing to shit unless they actually support it. We might still have a United States after this, but it will be very different. I have no idea in what way. Shit could get way, way worse. Someone could save the day with democratic socialism or shit, actual socialism. We could balkanize. But the status quo is finished. It will take time to do, but it is currently in its death throes.

Almost all leadership has flung up their hands, have no idea what to do or are actively working against the protesters who they are supposedly sworn to protect. Capitalism has hollowed out our democracy. Normally a military response, which is to say a fascist response, would follow widespread riots. But no one can actually hammer on the button because this will outrage people and make the problem worse. But they’re doing it anyway, because they don’t want to provide for everyone’s needs because doing so will be socialism and no one in government save for Sanders and people like him actually want to do that because if you admit that it’s possible and make it possible, capitalism collapses without starvation and homelessness to be the whip that they crack on you.

And this isn’t some red versus blue bullshit where you fight over a small number of swing voters and previously niche ideals. This is live or die “I need to eat and have a home” shit. So you have drug in the poor and the disenfranchised into the mix. The declassed lumpenproletariat are fighting for their survival with the left wingers and the libs. But the poor understand understand very clearly that this is do or die for them because no more help is forthcoming. Some, not all, but some of them got 1200 dollars from the government and that’s fucking it. Maybe they get WIC, maybe they get food on the first, maybe they get disability, but a lot of Americans don’t and it’s been communicated to them that a lot of those programs they rely on are going to go away. And the very poorest? They were never included in the 1200 fund. Tens of millions of the poorest people never got relief at all.

Normal electoral politics are over because the current system cannot produce leaders that either A, represent the American people or B, crack down hard enough to silence dissent. Mind you, I’m not for cracking down on dissent, obviously, but a government can and if you look at history, frequently does do this to preserve itself. Not a value statement, a fact. Inability to provide and inability to silence dissent means paralysis and hesitation and that’s how governments die.

If electoralism survives, it will make sure to represent the interests of their constituents. Because if it doesn’t, those people will march out and protest and with some provocation they will loot and burn shit down. That’s the narrative that’s being established. That’s how it’s going to be. And unless that changes really fucking quick, we’re going to permanently establish a French style protest culture and maybe even more extreme than that. Because we’re Americans. We do everything big.

The protest vote is no longer throwing your vote to the greens or the libertarians. It’s not voting for the other guy. It’s no longer staying home. Hell, you don’t even need to be registered to vote. The protest vote is now the riot. And if you can get enough rioters, that’s your vote. No more voting with your feet. People will be voting with their fists. Passivity is over.

Biden is the same as Trump. Not in terms of politics, though they’re honestly pretty damn close. No, what I mean is that neither will have legitimacy, neither will be respected and both will be rebelled against. And that’s if they have an election. If they drag out his half-corpse out of whatever bunker he’s in to be the next American president then people will see him as no different as Trump and will rebel because Biden is out of touch not only in character, but he’s in sharp mental decline. And that’s if shit hasn’t collapsed in the meantime.

The primary process failed to produce a leader that would drag us out of this crisis. That leader was Bernie Sanders and the process was democratic socialism. Tried and true, it saved democracy and also capitalism. And maybe, just maybe, we would have gotten actual socialism out of it. The dems kneecapped themselves. They decided to take corporate money instead of renewing the social contract between the government and the people. And that’s what got some people out and always gets some people out. But with the poor out there now and they are going to get rapidly radicalized by the left because it’s the leftists who are speaking their language of supplying the basic necessities to every person and they understand how to run a fucking riot and understand it well.

The parties are done. Both of them. And there is no clear, legitimate successor that people will accept who will continue electoral politics. The police are going to lose. The national guard is going to lose. The military is going to lose. And they’re going to lose because they brought bullets instead of sandwiches.