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Shutdown Causes

In terminal, run:

log show --predicate 'eventMessage contains "Previous shutdown cause"' --last 24h

you can also try this other command:

log show --predicate 'eventMessage contains "Previous sleep cause"' --last 24h

Code Description Notes and Possible Solutions
7 thread cpu failure If this occurs during boot, try Safe Mode by holding on boot to limit what opens during boot. If while using the app, see if there is an update for the app by the developer, and leave a comment below with the app name and your Mac model.⇧shift
5 Correct shut down Is it a 'clean' shutdown or hibernation by the user
3 Hard shut down Iresulting from a hard reset or shutdown, check the power button and make sure it is not stuck, etc.
0 Power disconnected AC power supply failure, check power supplies: cables, plug, magsafe. On a MacBook, this could be a battery issue, or battery controller (logic board). Try an SMC reset first or a battery replacement!
-3 Multiple temperature sensors exceeded the defined limit. Run Apple Hardware Test or PC Doctor. Check fans/airflow/thermal paste.
-14 Electricity spike/surge.
On Mac Pro, this can indicate an electricity issue to the built-in power supply, or an issue with the power supply itself
-20 Shutdown was initiated by BridgeOS T2. The T2 chip has initiated a shutdown.
-60 Bad master directory block (badMDBErr). corrupted system or storage, Do not continue using the system, or you may experience data loss: Backup data to Time Machine, completely erase the disk and reinstall macOS system..
-61 Watchdog timer detected unresponsive application, shutting down the system.

Probably an application issue. Retry in Safe Mode, investigate stuck applications, investigate startup programs. Run MalwareBytes scan.
-63 it could be the USB controller or another T2 related USB hardware issue. Check kernel logs to confirm
-62 Watchdog timer detected unresponsive application, restarting the system. Same as -61, except the machine will restart automatically instead of shutting down.
-65 Potentially linked to OSX issue. Try reinstalling macOSX from a clean install on an external drive.
-71 SO-DIMM Memory temperature exceeds limits. Try to reset the smc, if not, check the memory if possible replace it to see if the problem persists. If so, check the logic board for oxidation or dust.
-74 Battery temperature exceeds limits. Perform SMC Reset. Possible need for battery replacement?
-75 Communication issue with AC adapter. Use an official Apple power adapter. If on a USB-C model, try charging with the ports on the opposite side (to test port failure on one side).
-78 Incorrect current value coming from AC adapter. Use an official Apple power adapter. Check building power/current at wall?
-79 Incorrect current value coming from battery. Check the battery connection. Check battery cycles (may simply need replacement).
-86 Proximity temperature exceeds limits. Check fans/airflow/thermal contact and thermal paste.
-95 CPU temperature exceeds limits. Check fans/airflow. Check thermal paste between heatsink. Reset SMC.
-100 Power supply temperature exceeds limits. Try resetting the smc, if that doesn't work, check the fans/airflow on the iMac. Check the magsafe on the MacBook for dirty, oxidized or burnt and remove MagSafe 1 to 2 or similar if in use.
-102 overvoltage Safety shutdown related to AC or Battery overvoltage protection
-103 Battery cell under voltage detected. Replace the battery.
-104 Possible battery issue? Try a complete charge cycle, or Apple Diagnostics before replacing.
-108 Probably memory related? Could be running out of RAM (and Paging fails). Can occur during sleep.
-112 Probably memory related? If on 2012-2013 15” MBP, probably GPU related. Usually occurs alongside -128.
-127 PMU forced shutdown. Possibly fine if you performed a hard shutdown? If not, check power button (make sure it isn’t stuck).

Otherwise, could be a logic board issue.

-128 possibly the battery is at the end of its life, but it can also occur when the SMC initiates an automatic reboot after a kernel panic. occurs similar to -112.

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