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Shutdown Causes

In terminal, run:

log show --predicate 'eventMessage contains "Previous shutdown cause"' --last 24h
Code Description Notes and Possible Solutions
5 Correct shut down That specific shutdown was started normally.
3 Hard shut down If you didn’t force a shutdown, check the power button and make sure it isn’t stuck, etc.
0 Power disconnected Unless you pulled the plug, check the power supply on an iMac. On a MacBook, this is either a battery issue or battery controller (logic board) issue. Try an SMC reset first, or a battery replacement.
-3 Multiple temperature sensors exceeded the defined limit. Run Apple Hardware Test or PC Doctor. Check fans/airflow/thermal paste.
-60 Bad master directory block (badMDBErr). Do not continue using the system, or you may face data loss: Back up data to Time Machine, completely erase the disk and reinstall macOS.
-61 Watchdog timer detected unresponsive application, shutting down the system.

Probably an application issue. Retry in Safe Mode, investigate stuck applications, investigate startup programs. Run MalwareBytes scan.
-62 Watchdog timer detected unresponsive application, restarting the system. Same as -61, except the machine will restart automatically instead of shutting down.
-65 Reinstalling macOS may fix this?
-71 SO-DIMM Memory temperature exceeds limits. Swap memory if possible to see if issue persists. If so, check airflow/fans.
-74 Battery temperature exceeds limits. Perform SMC Reset. Possible need for battery replacement?
-75 Communication issue with AC adapter. Use an official Apple power adapter. If on a USB-C model, try charging with the ports on the opposite side (to test port failure on one side).
-78 Incorrect current value coming from AC adapter. Use an official Apple power adapter. Check building power/current at wall?
-79 Incorrect current value coming from battery. Check the battery connection. Check battery cycles (may simply need replacement).
-86 Proximity temperature exceeds limits. Check fans/airflow/thermal contact and thermal paste.
-95 CPU temperature exceeds limits. Check fans/airflow. Check thermal paste between heatsink. Reset SMC.
-100 Power supply temperature exceeds limits. Check fans/airflow on iMac. Check power adapter on MacBook, and remove any MagSafe 1 to 2 or similar adapters if in use.
-103 Battery cell under voltage detected. Replace the battery.
-104 Possible battery issue? Try a complete charge cycle, or Apple Diagnostics before replacing.
-108 Probably memory related? Could be running out of RAM (and Paging fails). Can occur during sleep.
-112 Probably memory related? If on 2012-2013 15” MBP, probably GPU related. Usually occurs alongside -128.
-127 PMU forced shutdown. Possibly fine if you performed a hard shutdown? If not, check power button (make sure it isn’t stuck).

Otherwise, could be a logic board issue.

-128 Same with -112.

(via ifixit)