Software Sensor Readings

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page needs user contributions. If you have one of these machines in fully-working condition, please consider adding your values

Macbook Air 13" 2015-2017 (820-00165)

820-00165 2015 IStat menu.png 820-00165 2015 HWmonitor.png

Macbook Pro Retina 13" 2015 (820-4924)

13", 2015, 2.7 i5, 8GB, 128GB

Battery cycle 1026

MacOS 10.15.7
Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 5.40.47 PM.png

HWSensors version: 6.26.1440

Stats version: 2.6.3

Macbook Pro Retina 15" 2015 iGPU (820-00138)

to be added

Macbook Pro Retina 15" 2015 dGPU (820-00163/820-00426)

2015 A1398 gDPU HWmonitor.png

Note: Do know, with nothing but external monitor connected, and usb or ssd testing operating system, the heatpipe air sensor readings will be 128C. It is most likely not an actual sensor issue. Verify with good trackpad connector, and or trackpad.