WOW. WOW. WOOW. Listen up, fuckers. I DO NOT want to hear the O-WORD thrown around so CARELESSLY anymore. You make my BLOOD BOIL. It is PATRONIZING. It is CONDESCENDING. It is MARGINALIZING. I am not going to stand for it any longer. The next fucker to use the o-word will be BANNED. I am going to IP BAN YOU. Tread carefully, buster. Nobody understands the RAGE that FILLS MY VEINS when i see the o-word used. “Ok-” SHUT THE FUCK UP. This is NOT OK. How much more BLUNT can a person possibly BE. Just say you have no social skills and GET ON WITH IT. I’ll have you know I am a MODERATOR on 3 DIFFERENT DISCORD SERVERS and I have powers BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION. So you are NOT to simply say “ok” to me. GOT IT???