Recently my gf made me start playing minecraft and we always play together we built cute house, farm, barn, garden etc… today i wanted to make a suprise for her so i loged in alone and wanted to make something BUT !!! dear god…. i played for like 6-7 minutes and suddenly out of nowhere idk why but this weird feeling of loneliness and depression kicked in me and i started feeling sad and empty, found myself questioning purpose or meaning of life and thinking there is no purpose or meaning…. idk if its music or the atmosphere in game but it started to scare me like seriously genuine fear consumed me, it constantly feels like something is behind me or watching me, like i can almost feel their breath behind my neck, and even when im scared to turn around, i suddenly turn but there is nothing, it felt like a very serious dreadful horror game i just did a quick alt f4 and im mind blown im 30 years old guys… and this game is mostly played by kids how are they not feeling like this when they are playing alone ?