I worked with a girl and her husband would come in all the time. We worked at a restaurant so we were always drinking after. He told me he wanted me to fuck his wife while he watched. I thought it was a joke. He brought his wife over and she confirmed it. He was asking her to pick someone for a while, she picked me so I said sure. A couple weeks pass and they invite me over. They made dinner, fed me and gave me drinks. We go over any boundaries. Basically don’t cum in her or on her. Ok whatever.

I’m having sex with her and everything is good. It’s weird because he’s just sitting there jerking off and talking to himself about how he deserves this and it hurts to see his wife with another man. Every so often he’d tell us to switch positions and he’d go back to wallowing to himself. He’d say he can’t watch, but he would watch. Anyway, I was going to cum so I pulled out and stopped and she grabbed me and finished me with her hand. I ended up cumming on her stomach a bit and the dude lost it. He ran over so fast and punched me so fuckin hard I collapsed. I was in a daze. I was already in cum euphoria and then almost knocked unconscious within 10 seconds. She starts screaming at him, he tries to drag me out of the room but I managed to get composed and handle myself. I’m fuckin naked with cum dripping out of me, lump on my head, ready to scrap. He starts yelling “I said no cum!” She says it was her fault. He tells me to leave, so I get dressed real quick and head out.

She calls me an hour later and apologizes. Says it won’t be like that next time. Lmao next time? Nah. Guy has a nasty overhand right and was trying to drag my cummy, naked ass by the ankles like he was going to bury me. No next time. No more couples.