I’m an adolescent, female, virgin, and don’t really have a specific sexuality and I do enjoy reading bestiality stories. They get me SUPER WET. So I’m puppy sitting for my cousin while she’s out of town. And honestly the thought of having relations with the little female pup had never crossed my mind when I agreed. She is a cute little shitzu/Chihuahua mix. Adorable! So I said yes. Today is the last day I take care of her and I was on Reddit looking through bestiality when I realized that I had a golden opportunity. I actually had a dog with me. When would I ever get a chance? My parents aren’t too fond of dogs. It’s lucky i got to baby sit this one! So I just had to see…would she be interested in me…so I locked the door and stripped. I held my arms behind myself and opened my legs. I promised I wouldn’t force her to do a thing! I was a bit fearful she’d bite though. She is a pup after all. So the pup walked up to my pussy curiously. I bit my bottom lip as she sniffed me over. I felt her lap once at my entrance. I got so excited! I opened my lips are with 2 fingers to help her. She immediately started lapping at my clit. Each lick was pure ecstasy! I got so wet as she kept going. I felt my breathing get deeper as she went faster. I knew if she kept going I would have the greatest orgasm my own hands could never give me. Then teeth. I felt her fangs scrap my clit, in a “can chew this?” Way. I didn’t have time to react as a knock rang through my bedroom. Someone was at the door. In fear I bolted up scaring the pup. I quickly put on my shorts. No time for panties. Opening the door with a crimson blush on my face I was greeted by my mother. My cousin, the pups owner was on the phone waiting for me. I took the phone with a shaky voice. She was going to be here in 20. I said it was fine, but no. No it wasn’t! My body ached for the pups tongue and 20 minutes is NOT ENOUGH. We finished the quick awkward conversation, or at the least it was awkward for me. I then got back to the pup and parted my legs and pussy lips for her again. I felt myself pant, I needed it so badly! She sniffed again, but turned her head away. I was extremely disappointed, but I cooed to her “if you don’t want to you don’t have to sweetie” Needless to say she earned a treat from me! THIS ALL JUST HAPPENED 10 MINUTES AGO. 😀 AHHH! Although I now feel a bit of guilt rising in me. She’s not my dog, but oh my gosh I’m just so excited and happy!!!! 😀 I have so many mixed feelings! Part of me feels like destiny had the call executed to stop me, but the other part of me feels like it was just to tease me. I don’t know. So many emotions going through my head! My pussy is still excited! XD I just….I just….want to cry, but part of me just wants to keep smiling. If I ever have the chance to take care of her I just might, but oh I can’t do that to my family! sigh what do you guys think? Should I indulge or do what is right? Opinions and views on the experience are welcomed!

source: https://www.reddit.com/r/SexWithDogs/comments/3dwdjd/just_had_my_first_doggy_experience/