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This page contains information about topcases and how to distinguish different model years based on no more than the topcase itself and its features/model numbers.

Information about compatibility between the different years will be added when possible as well.

MacBook Pro

Screen size EMC Model N° Date Model ID Board number Topcase model Topcase date Topcase lot number Letter code
13" A1502
15" EMC 2512/2673 A1398 Midi 2012/Early 2013 MacBookPro10,1 820-3332 613-9739-D 14.12.11 0000141930 K
613-9739-D 13.06.09 0000259210 K
613-9739-D 2012.08.25 01MPN20041 F
613-9739-D 13.06.09 0000259210 K
EMC 2674 A1398 Late 2013 MacBookPro11,2 820-3662 613-1325-08 2013.11.29 01MPN00336 F
613-1325-09 13.02.07 01MPD10724 F
613-1325-08 2013.10.14 01MPD00386 F