I love this anime-style taunting one. I saw a little girl do that in an anime (Fate/Zero) once and it was so adorable, I had to look up what it meant. Apparently it means “I think you’re lying” or “I don’t trust you” or something like that. It’s also used in the first episode of Rise of the Shield Hero in which it very clearly means “You know I’m lying but good luck proving it.”

I don’t take these too seriously. Samsung paid some intern to make these, and they’re funny.

Besides, green > blue as far as colors go anyway. Green is the land. Blue is the sea. We die in water. Could also mean the sky. We die in the sky, too, without something to support us. We’re safer on land. Plus, I think green foods are better for you than blue foods. And what even is blue energy? Green energy is good for the planet. Stereotypically in the US, blue is boys-only (pink being the girl equivalent). Green? Neutral territory. Accepts both boys and girls. Green is the color of our money in the US. Blue might be on money outside the US, but Apple is a US company. When someone is said to be green, they’re either jealous (green with envy) or sick. Blue means you can’t breathe, or you’re sad. Furthermore, a code blue in hospitals means some kind of emergency. The other codes are black and red. There’s no code green. On the Windows flag, green is top tier (with red). Blue and yellow take a submissive position on the bottom row. Green is also one of the two colors (with red) in Christmas, most children’s favorite holiday in the US. Halloween might be second favorite (orange and black), or Easter (all the pastel colors). On traffic lights, green means go. As far as rock groups go, I’d say Green Day is more popular than Blue October (or Blues Traveler). I can do this all day. Actually, that last one was a bit of a stretch, I admit. Either way, green > blue.