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Issue: Trackpad & Keyboard do not function on A1465 and A1466 MacBook Air

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Test boot and hold option. Does it bring you to the boot menu? Does the trackpad/keyboard work? If no, continue on step 2. If yes, skip to step
  2. Inspect trackpad flex cable for any damage or corrosion. Sometimes it is only visible under microscope. It is also a safe bet to swap the cable and test.
  3. Test with a new trackpad, and keyboard disconnected.
  4. Measure voltages going into J4800. Does it have power where there should be power?

Case Example: A1465 2013 11" MacBook Air: Original issue was SMC failure, and it sat in my drawer for about a year. Finally replaced SMC and the unit boots up and works fine, but no trackpad or keyboard in the OS. They do work on the boot menu. I tested all components and discovered 0v on TPAD_USB_IF_EN coming from the PCH. I jumpered from PP3V3_S0, and the keyboard and mouse function.

A1502 and similar flexcable install

  1. leave connector CLOSED
  2. align flex cable so it perfectly fits but not inserted
  3. open connector lock and let cable slide in
A1502 Keyboard flex.png