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Why you should just get a crest ultrasonic cleaner if you're fixing boards professionally:

Every other generally available brand of ultrasonically cleaner simply doesn't work as well. If you want to know why see below.

The product description on the rossman groups website has a good description of the advantages of crest's machines and has some pictures comparing the cleaning of a crest machine compared to another manufacturer's machine.

Link - https://store.rossmanngroup.com/crest-p1800h-45.html

List of available models:


Something the size of a P1200D can fit any current macbook logic board , some large boards may not be fully submerged and you would need to flip them more time to get full coverage on the board.

Dilution levels to use in tank:

Concentration of Branson electronics cleaner should be between 3-5% and the rest is distilled water.

For Example if you had a 1200D cleaner, the tank is roughly 2.4 gallons or 9200ml, so you'd want 275ml- 460ml of Branson EC, the rest of the tank would be distilled water.

*DO NOT use tap water or isopropyl alcohol in an ultrasonic cleaner or any other combination of chemicals.*

*Use Branson EC and distilled water, that is all.*

Whenever you refill or plan to use the cleaner, you should run the degass setting to get rid of any air bubbles in the solution, air bubbles hitting the board can cause cavitation, not good.

Your tank is filled, you've degassed the solution of branson and distilled water and you want to clean your boards, here are the settings that are widely used:

Crest Ultrasonic settings:

Temp: 68 C

Power: 9

Set timer for 4 min

4 Minutes of each side of the board

General Tips:

-It is a good idea to remove any stickers, heatsinks and shield plates before putting a board in an ultrasonic. Stickers will be ruined by the ultrasonic process and shields will stop the cleaning process from working effectively in those covered areas.

-If you've been doing rework on a board, it is recommended to clean off flux residue from the board before putting it into the ultrasonic cleaner as you can get more uses of a solution in the tank before it needs to be cleaned out and refilled.