Buddy, sprite? Where did you find your boys, little hockey league?

Man I love my Mcgangbangs but they’re overrated. Don’t taint your McDoubles like this anymore fuckin hoser you’ve GOT TO ADD xtra Chicken sauce(aka Mayo) and mustard. Seriously, that’s it. sSSOO fucking GOOD, this is all I eat and I’m lovin it, you’ll b lovin it to bro. SO FUCKING TASTY, anyone else reading this. TRY MCDOUBLES XTRA CHICKEN SAUCE AND MUSTARD, sorry for the excitement but it’s almost feeding time and I’m PUMPED

Fun fact: the chicken sauce in reference is dispensed from a gas powered, shoulder braced, off-site tank, full of mayo and Ronald’s trademarked secret sauce, sauce rumored to be extracted from his personal Man milking machine. The kickback from using one of these weapons of sauce dispension is enough to lift anyone under 85lbs off the ground, which is why mcD actually led the way when enforcing child labour laws in the south.

Sprites for pussies! Try some sauced up McDoubles and report back asap.