iMac Unibody HDD Thermal Sensor Options

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Easiest solution:

This forces the iMac to read the SMART temp sensor:

Open up the SSD, and solder a bridge (solder-blob) between pins 10, 11 and 12 of the SATA Power connector (the longer of the two)

Will upload picture tomorrow for easier reference.

Possible sollutions:

1. SSDFanControl. Set to use SMART. Will vary fan speed based on SMART temp sensor.

2. OWC thermal sensor module.

3. This is not tested but should also work fine: Use Y power splitter and scrape old HDD board to use it as sensor. Glue or tape it on SSD/HDD and connect it to Y splitter. You might need to cut ground wire next to 5v.

4. fancy 2N3904 by @EstébanM [SC,US]