There is no unity the left don’t want it they want socialism, I laughed when I heard the Democrats say they all of the sudden want to get along when they projected the election win, when Trump takes back the stolen election the rioting, looting & even murder will get way worse & people will start fighting back & killing the domestic terrorist because what they are doing is flat out domestic terrorism, if Trump loses to the rigged election & its gonna turn into a civil war because Biden will attack our 2nd which he is already trying to do & cause jobs to go over sea & gas prices sky high & we will get raped for our taxes & our freedom, our constitution & our amendments is on a thin line because of the socialist Democratic Party & our people & government is to far divided, ether way it’s gonna get ugly, if Trump doesn’t lock up a lot of socialist corrupt politicians & get rid of unconstitutional laws it’s gonna turn into war, it’s at the boiling point with our freedom being taken away the silent Majority is no longer with silent & a sleeping giant is about to be woken up again